Uncover Your Identity

Unmask your True Identity

Understanding your identity, who you are and where and how you fit into the world can make a massive difference in how you approach life and the kinds of decisions you make about your world. Discover your values, belief systems and pattern, understand how these support you or hold you back and be empowered with the tools you need to make a real difference in these areas of your life.

A clear sense of identity allows you to make considered decisions about your path in life.

As you progress through life, you are more comfortable to make adjustments as you mature and discover new interests, desires and options.

When someone is unable to make life decisions, such as what career to pursue, relationship decisions, where to live, etc. the person very often lacks a clear sense of identity.

If you are indecisive or uncertain, and even if you have a wealth of interests, talents and options, and find it difficult to make a choice, it may be a sign that should you dig a little deeper. Then you can arrive at a decision fitting your outlook and aspirations, one that will not leave you with regrets, but will allow you to both live life with purpose and furthermore, spot additional options that you may have missed before.

Your values and beliefs

Identity cannot be separated from your values and beliefs. What you value and what you believe, whether about the world, life in general, or your own capabilities, will have a profound impact on your ultimate choices and the results of those.

Your beliefs are closely linked to your identity and also influence self esteem. If you think that you are unable to do or achieve something, you will probably not be able to. Not because the belief is valid, but rather as it is preventing you from trying.

When you have a clear sense of who you are and believe in yourself, you are much more likely to operate from a sense of personal power and to realise your dreams. When you doubt yourself, or strongly belief that you are incapable of something, you are not allowing yourself the personal power needed to overcome perceived or real barriers.

The path to personal fulfilment is frequently littered with pitfalls and problems. And the last thing you need on life’s journey is to lack the personal conviction needed to avoid the former and overcome the latter.

How does what you think and believe support you?

If your thoughts are dominated by fear, focusing on lack, limitations and possible losses, life is far more challenging than when you have the trust that your courage and capabilities will allow you to overcome any possible hurdles.

Uncertainties and fears can be conquered – what is often needed is as simple as a little support, a nudge, some inspiration or even someone that can serve as a sounding board as you delve into different dimensions of your own self.

Depth of self knowledge will allow you to consider various paths, “try on” the behaviours and experiences that are involved before taking a leap, and gaining clarity and confidence to make the decisions that will take you forward on your personal life journey.

If you have the tendency to focus on lack and limitations and have a gloomy outlook for the future, or if you struggle to find meaning in your life, is plagued by uncertainty and aimlessness, then you can get a new lease on life with a little help.

The safety of the coaching environment, where no one is judged, but rather only encouraged to explore thoughts, beliefs and talents, is a powerful way to discover more about yourself, your desires and your options. Knowledge gives you power – whether it is discovering more about yourself or knowing more about what you are truly capable of.

It is through experimentation with different ideas and allowing trust to develop deep within yourself, that you can find the courage and conviction needed to embark on the journey that will result in a life journey that is filled with personal meaning.

Upcoming Events

 Creativity Coaching Workshop Series

At your core you have beauty. At your core rests the voice for guidance, insight and wisdom.  Awakening this voice creates the certainty that you can direct yourself in an uncertain world.

Start date: 22 April 2017

Skype Coaching

You can choose whether you prefer to be coached one to one at my office, or via Skype. Skype offers the opportunity to eliminate unnecessary travel as well as an opportunity to be coached no matter where you stay.

You can make a special arrangement for a half hour Skype pre-coaching discussion, which is risk and cost free. In this way you can determine whether you would be comfortable to work with me and I can get to understand your needs before we embark on a joint journey.

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