Motivation and Willpower

Willpower makes the World Your Oyster

Have been wondering how you can improve your concentration, follow through on the things you plan to do or increase your willpower and motivation? But how can you be more motivated if you are constantly fighting with yourself - about what you have to, must and should do! And scolding yourself for what you did not do, left unfinished or should have done? That is no way to grow your resolve!

Are you habitually telling yourself - "I know I have to do X, but my heart is not in it."

Or: "I know in my head what I want, but I am too afraid to go and get it."

Then you may have all the "right" ideas, but no real desire or enough fire in the belly to gain the momentum needed to go there!

Get your Heart and Gut to Communicate with your Head!

Propelling yourself forward has more to do with the heart and the gut than knowing that you need to do so. The energy that will allow you to trust your ideas and thoughts and exercise your will to gain momentum lives in the heart and gut. Thus, you have to get your gut and heart to communicate better with your head - not the other way around!

Leaving everything up to your thoughts may create a huge gap between what you expect of yourself and what you get.

On top of that, learning to remain calm and focused in the face of unexpected interruptions and hurdles will ensure that you do not allow yourself to be derailed.

So, if you are like many of my clients (and me - in the past - having been the queen of procrastination and learning to beat that!), finding that you are unable to stay with something, lose focus easily, are disappointed in yourself, feel overwhelmed, do not know where to start or easily get distracted and want to change all that, know that it is quite possible to do so.

You, like me and many others, can learn how to regain motivation and momentum. You can gain clarity about what you want to achieve, specify your requirements clearly and simplify the process to get there.

You can use your own strengths to concentrate better, grow your willpower and stay motivated without giving in to anxiety or fear or a sense of hopelessness.

From personal experience, I know that when I have a clear mental picture of what I want, matched with feelings of enthusiasm and determination, I am much more likely to complete the steps to get there. This remains so even if some of those steps are really not things that I would describe as highly enjoyable. However, by knowing and feeling that what I am doing has value in terms of the end result I want, I remain focused and enthusiastic.

And even if, like I recently experienced, I have a day that felt like the proverbial Friday the 13th, I can stay focused, no matter the number and length of interruptions with technicians around, fixing the things that broke – all at once! If I can return to a task easily even with those type of interruptions, you can do that too, especially since those tasks were not even all that familiar to me.

Things too Complicated?

And if you think that your life is too complicated for this, that may be exactly why you need to create the space to specify, clarify and simplify – what you want, how you can get there and how you can remain motivated during the process of making it real. Despite all the complexities you have to face daily.

What to do to Create Space to Gain Clarity, Grow Willpower and Gear Up for Results

In coaching sessions with me you will learn to:

  • Focus your attention on what you ultimately want to achieve and understand how the time and effort that you invest in different activities contribute to that end result
  • Understand what the value of that end result is for you
  • Get rid of habits that tap your energy and reduce your motivation and concentration
  • Define what progress and a job well done mean for you
  • Address issues of control – or the lack thereof
  • Let go of past disappointments and mistakes and failures
  • Find enjoyment in learning new things, even if you have never done it before and even if you are somewhat hesitant or scared to start
  • Get started early, without procrastinating
  • Finish things within deadlines – no matter whether you set these yourself or if they are set by others
  • Value yourself and your time and use self-appreciation to build momentum and willpower

You can contact me to set up a coaching session by using the buttons below.


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