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Founder Ricka van Zyl, NLP Practitioner and Coach, aims to bring cutting edge and affordable coaching resources to individuals. Whether you need assistance in your personal life or as leader or entrepreneur, with the appropriate toolkits she is perfectly geared to assist you wherever you need help the most.

Ricka van Zyl
Ricka van Zyl

Ricka is a certified Executive and Business Coach, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. For the last few years she provides coaching services via her own business, Yemanya Centre. Using her years of experience she adds a very special flavour by combining Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming tools and thinking skills optimisation techniques.

Ultimately, what we provide for our clients can be called "Mindful Thought Coaching". It simply means that the more mindful you become about your thoughts and emotions, the better you can integrate the different aspects of your life. A skill learned in one area can then easily be transferred to other areas. In this way you can move forward consistently even if incrementally.

Let's talk about what you want:

Given that one can ultimately only control oneself, one's own thoughts, emotions and attitude, when you enter the coaching situation, we focus on that which you can change and control yourself. It is not about what the coach wants, but what you want. It is not about what the coach thinks, it is about what and how you think, what and how you feel, how you behave and what you want to change or improve.

Coaching at Yemanya is expressly focused on guiding you to consider different ways of thinking, feeling and behaving and providing a safe environment where you can apply your mind, express, emote and experiment. You can learn to use new tools and techniques, very often by taking small steps, and then, as you experience success and develop more and more courage and boldness, naturally move forward fearlessly to achieve the results that you desire. 

In the coaching situation, depending on your needs, the coaching process is tailor made for you.

Firstly, what it means for you personally:

Your needs are the central theme in guiding you towards uncovering your own wishes and wisdom, making the most of different options and opportunities or overcoming obstacles or challenges, instead of yielding to feelings of overwhelm, entrapment or uncertainty.

In the same way, together we address emotions such as anger, anxiety, guilt  and shame or circumstances that are stressful or unsettling. We focus on what the effect of emotions are on thoughts, how you can become more mindful in terms of both your emotions and thoughts and how you can take charge of your whole mind. Why we do that: so that you can consciously choose how you want to think and feel and respond and more effectively use your thoughts and emotions to achieve your goals.

Remember, a goal need not be something tangible - it can be to feel more confident, to be more motivated, to have a more positive attitude, to foster strong and positive relationships, etc. Many of the techniques taught can be seen as ways to foster "mindful thought patterns", so that you can make the most of all your capabilities and talents. 

Life is not supposed to equal suffering; at times it may be difficult, but as long as you know that you have the resources, both internal and external, to deal with the challenges you will be in the best position to ensure you can influence your own life the way you intend to. The coaching intention is to allow you to bring to light those resources.

You can expect to learn many new things – about yourself, your strengths, your talents, your desires as well as how you can change things to bring about the things you envision for yourself.  

And secondly, what it means for your business or career:

Whether you are interested in a career change or to start your own business or improve the performance of your business, through the Business Coaching process you can unpack your aspirations and set up the plans you need to reach the goals you cherish. 

Solutions related to business strategy definition, performance improvement, business process optimization, leadership, communication and team development are some of the topics that can be addressed. 

Ricka’s Background

Education and Professional Memberships

  • BA Hons Psychology (UNISA)
  • NLP Practitioner and NLP Life Coach (certified through Mental Combat)
  • Hypnotherapy (certified through Mental Combat)
  • Professional Memberships
    • ANLP (Association Neuro Linguistic Programming)
    • NAET-Europe

Background and Experience

  • Research: Cognitive and Personality Psychology
  • Career development and planning
  • Training and course development in various industries
  • Business consulting – Career development and computerized assessment
  • Business analysis, business process re-engineering and workflow system design
  • Project management
  • General management
  • People development

Upcoming Events

 Creativity Coaching Workshop Series

At your core you have beauty. At your core rests the voice for guidance, insight and wisdom.  Awakening this voice creates the certainty that you can direct yourself in an uncertain world.

Start date: 22 April 2017

Skype Coaching

You can choose whether you prefer to be coached one to one at my office, or via Skype. Skype offers the opportunity to eliminate unnecessary travel as well as an opportunity to be coached no matter where you stay.

You can make a special arrangement for a half hour Skype pre-coaching discussion, which is risk and cost free. In this way you can determine whether you would be comfortable to work with me and I can get to understand your needs before we embark on a joint journey.

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