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Health and happiness need balance of physical, mental and emotional facets. A whole person approach with natural energy healing, thought coaching, tools to attain emotional stability - these are core to Ricka van Zyl's approach at Yemanya Centre.

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 Creativity Coaching Workshop Series

At your core you have beauty. At your core rests the voice for guidance, insight and wisdom.  Awakening this voice creates the certainty that you can direct yourself in an uncertain world.

Start date: 22 April 2017

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Through the use of your skills, including hypnosis (that I told you will never work on me), 'homework', and various probing questions, I was able to turn my life, personal and business, around, and put it on a track that for many years will allow me to reap what I sow. Thank you for giving me back my mojo!

- Henry Dul 

Where to from here?

  • Creativity Coaching

    Creativity Coaching

    A Journey to Uncover Intuition and Joy Creativity is not reserved for the select few. Why else are we blessed with imagination, glorious senses, the spoken word, dreams, movement and laughter, if not to experience peace and happiness? The demands of daily living, of fears and doubts and responsibilities may drown out your inner voice. You can learn to tune into it again, to be in tune with inner senses, Read More
  • Uncover Your Identity

    Uncover Your Identity

    Understanding your identity, who you are and where and how you fit into the world can make a massive difference in how you approach life and the kinds of decisions you make about your world. Discover your values, belief systems and pattern, understand how these support you or hold you back and be empowered with the tools you need to make a real difference in these areas of your life. Read More
  • Unpack Your Life Purpose

    Unpack Your Life Purpose

    Why am I here? Where am I going? What am I meant to do? Why do I feel empty? What do I need to do to feel fulfilled and happy? We all have these questions at some point in our lives, and the answer is how you unpack your life purpose. Whether the meaning you are seeking relates to spiritual, emotional, mental, relationship, social, home or career aspects, you can Read More
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